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First Time

Our hope is that you feel comfortable the minute you open our door. Here's what you can expect when you arrive. 


When you arrive at the office, you will be greeted by our staff. They will either confirm your appointment or help you schedule one. 

Occasionally, we may be away from the desk for a few minutes. Please make yourself comfortable in the waiting area and we'll be back in a moment. 


Next, you'll complete an intake form - a one-page document with basic health information. After you complete the form, please return it to the receptionist. The intake form is also available here to complete in advance if you'd like. Please visit the restroom and have a glass of water while you wait for your therapist. 


When your therapist is ready, they will show you to your therapy room. To maintain your health privacy, the door will be closed while you discuss with your therapist. Please be as open as you're comfortable; the more information your therapist has, the better they can meet your needs. During a full-body massage, your therapist will work all major muscles. This is the best time to share if you have problem areas for your therapist to focus on during your massage.

Then, your therapist will leave the room and you'll have a few minutes to undress to your comfort level. Many people feel comfortable enough to fully undress while others will leave their underwear on. The choice is yours and your therapist will work around the clothing you choose to keep on.  After undressing, please lie face down on the massage table beneath the sheets and blanket.  Your therapist will knock and wait for your answer before re-entering the room.


In the first few minutes of your massage, your therapist will check-in with you about pressure of the massage. Please let them know if the pressure is too hard or too soft so they can adjust to your comfort level. Also, feel free to have as much or as little conversation with your therapist as you like. Some people love to talk while others would love to fall asleep.  Whatever your desire, we'd love to accommodate.


After your massage is finished, your therapist will leave the room and give you plenty of time to relax, or wake up. Take your time getting dressed. They'll meet you outside your therapy room with a glass of water; ready to answer any of your massage questions. This is a great time to get more information about massage and discuss your path to healing.

Before leaving the office, our staff will offer you the opportunity to reserve your next massage. We recommend reserving an appointment to ensure the widest availability. You'll also pay for your massage at this time. We accept cash, check and major credit cards.

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